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Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  This site will be a valuable resource for students, parents and teachers as we venture into another exciting school year.  Please check back often for spelling lists, classroom reminders, classroom pictures, schedules and internet resources that will help each child succeed in the 3rd grade.

Dates to remember:

Unit 5.3 Spelling and Vocab

Spelling:  because, though, taught, bought, touch, would, author, could, enough, sausage, fought, should, faucet, daughter, brought  Challenge words:  laundry, distraught, afterthought, auditorium, overwrought

Vocabulary:  airport, delicious, homesick, cellar, described, memories, curious, farewell, raindrops

Unit 5.4 Spelling and Vocab:

Spelling:  ceiling, neighbor, either, eighteen, height, neither, weight, leisure, protein, freight, receive, weigh, deceive, sleigh, conceited  Challenge words:  receipt, eightieth, neighborly, deceitful, featherweight

Vocabulary:  bakery, batch, boils, braided, dough, ingredients, mixture

Unit 5.5 Spelling and Vocab:

Spelling:  rocky, foolish, rainy, childhood, selfish, treatment, movement, neighborhood, childish, parenthood, crunchy, bumpy, payment, sleepy, shipment  Challenge words:  assignment, livelihood, stylish, environment, guilty

Vocabulary:  cardboard, feast, fierce, flights, pitcher, ruined, stoops, treasure

Unit 6.2 Spelling and Vocab:

Spelling:  above, another, upon, animal, paper, open, family, travel, afraid, nickel, sugar, circus, item, gallon, melon  Challenge words:  character, cardinal, Oregon, particular, dinosaur

Vocabulary:  bows, chilly, foolish, foreign, narrow, perches, recipe

Unit 6.1 Spelling and Vocab:

Spelling:  few, school, true, goose, fruit, cookie, cushion, noodle, bookmark, balloon, suit, chew, glue, Tuesday, bushel  Challenge words:  bamboo, mildew, soothe, barefoot, renewal

Vocabulary:  crown, liberty, models, symbol, tablet, torch, unforgettable, unveiled

Unit 6.3 Spelling and Vocab:

Spelling:  question, creature, furniture, division, collision, action, direction, culture, vacation, mansion, fiction, feature, sculpture, vision, celebration  Challenge words:  fascination, legislature, manufacture, possession, declaration

Vocabulary:  encourages, expression, local, native, settled, social, support

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